2nd Opinion

There are many instances where a 2nd opinion provides valuable insight:

  • Infusing fresh ideas, out-of-the-box
  • Backing up one’s reasoning and decision-making and hence protecting investments to be made
  • Coping with uncertainty and reducing complexity

B2B Value Group is regularly called in as a sparring partner that provides a pragmatic yet deep and objective 2nd opinion. Extensive benchmarking and best practice knowledge from multiple industries enables us to quickly get to the heart of the issue, for example the audit of a customer engagement program, the analysis of a particular customer relationship or processes in use, such as account business planning.

Because we do not advocate a particular tool or method, we can focus on your actual challenge in your specific context, making what’s already in place work better, and enhancing it where necessary instead of boxing the issue into a given model.

A typical 2nd opinion engagement starts with an NDA, data dump and definition of scope to yield the desired result within a matter of days or a few weeks. Depending on the scope, instruments such as interviewing, surveying or observing are applied.

Interested in a 2nd opinion? Let’s talk about it.