B2B Value Group:
Who we are and what we believe in

B2B Value Group is a specialty consulting and training firm focused on value creation with a firm’s most important customers.

What we see is that creating sustainable value is mission critical in business today. However, creating value is not merely gaining a bigger share of the existing pie, but actually expanding that pie by creating new value.

What we know is that value creation depends on smart collaboration. Not just across functions, geographies, and hierarchies but also beyond the firm and value network. It is something you do with, not for customers. Yet, such purpose-driven collaboration rarely happens naturally.

We help companies make the right decisions and build the right capabilities to maximize the value they both generate and capture with their most important customers.


What differentiates us from others?


Relevancy and impact are a result of focus. We are not dealing with just any sales and marketing topic. We help firms strengthen critical business relations and create new value with their most important customers.


Creating new value with strategic customers is first and foremost about changing mindsets and behaviors, and less so about changing tools or systems. Consequently, we focus on what firms can influence and shape: those particular individual and organizational capabilities that drive value creation.


Creating value rests on an in-depth understanding of the customer and its context. We have worked with numerous companies across industries and business lifecycles on the topics of customer collaboration and value creation. Within our defined area of specialty, we have developed deep expertise in a range of critical areas, including strategy making, operational alignment, customer engagement, and capability development.


Time is often limited, and hardly any project is a greenfield undertaking. We are known for creating solid, hands-on recommendations and solutions by working with what’s already in place. We always ask ourselves «what would we do as project manager in your organization» to make it work?


Enjoying and believing in the work one performs goes a long way. We truly care about the topic and our clients. We openly share our latest thinking through publications and non-profit communities like the Value Creation Dialogue.