Expertise that makes the difference:
The foundation of our thought leadership

B2B Value Group was founded by Lisa Napolitano and Dr. Axel Thoma – like-minded colleagues for the past decade. Our strength: passion for the topic coupled with complementary experiences and specialties.

Lisa Napolitano
Managing Partner
Dr. Axel Thoma
Managing Partner

Value creation is either fostered or hampered by the ability of those at the supplier-customer interface to achieve impact without authority. It is for this reason that the pursuit of new insights into this critical Capability became a priority for B2B Value Group.

The authors’ combined expertise, backed by hundreds of practitioner engagements and conversations, and supported by specific research into this subject, have produced an updated view of impact without authority that the marketplace sorely needs.

We provide a specific construct for examination and discussion, illustrating ‘what success looks like’ directly from the mouths of seasoned practitioners who grapple with this issue daily. While this book is by no means all that can be said about the topic, it is intended to fuel the conversation about what we believe, and practitioners have validated, is THE individual linchpin capability for creating value with strategic customers.