Lisa Napolitano

Lisa Napolitano has spent her career assisting firms in developing organizational and individual competencies required to effectively manage strategic customers. She is an acknowledged thought leader on trends and best practices in strategic customer management with extensive exposure to diverse frameworks, processes and methodologies.

Her expertise was developed over the course of a 25 year career as both a management consultant and as the CEO of the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA). In this capacity, Lisa has been the architect of numerous training events for strategic/global account managers and sales executives. She has also assisted dozens of international firms in improving their customer management practices from both strategic and operational perspectives.

A frequent speaker on strategic customer management issues, she has delivered hundreds of presentations and is the author of four books on the subject of customer management: Impact Without Authority: How to Leverage Internal Resources to Create Customer Value (2003), Harnessing Global Potential: Insights into Managing Customers Worldwide (2001), The Trust Imperative: The Competitive Advantage of Trust-Based Business Relationships (1998), and Unlocking Profits: The Strategic Advantage of Key Account Management (1997).


Lisa Napolitano
Managing Partner