Targeted support for best results:
Examples of how clients leverage us

Every assignment is unique, yet the following examples provide a quick reference of the range of tasks that B2B Value Group has recently tackled for clients.

Value-driven business planning

The client had an account plan and planning process in use. However, they neither enabled the teams to think strategically enough, nor helped them surface new value creation opportunities. Following a review of the client’s current plans, B2B Value Group enhanced the existing template design, designed specific team planning exercises to probe for value creation opportunities, and supported the rollout with a team-based training on how to enter into a strategic dialogue with customers. Our intervention enabled the client to avoid the cost and hassle of an entirely new planning process, and instead provided direction and support for superior strategic thinking while still working within existing, accepted processes.

Capability framework enhancement

The client introduced new customer-interfacing roles and saw the need to take existing roles to a higher level in terms of their value creation orientation. B2B Value Group recalibrated the existing capability development framework, incorporating missing skills, stripping off too basic skills, and embedding collaborative linkages between those that would work together as team. For every skill, specific performance levels were defined. This allowed the program director to conduct individual assessments and define tailored development plans.

Outside-in ideas and benchmarks

The client regularly brings together sales and customer management professionals from different organizational units to enhance the practice. B2B Value Group was invited to moderate a meeting to overcome silo-thinking and common assumptions with the help of good practice examples and mini-cases from other firms. This helped the audience to approach their practice from a different angle and to map out pragmatic going-forward actions.

Interactive meeting design and moderation

The client faced a complex and politically loaded value creation environment consisting of many different stakeholders. Because of industry standards, the client was limited in how these stakeholders could be commercially engaged. B2B Value Group developed and co-facilitated a meeting format that surfaces insights and action items for the client’s field team to pursue. More than 300 stakeholders were engaged nationwide in over a dozen of such meetings.

Go-to-market model transformation

The client evolved its go-to-market model to move from brands to therapeutic areas and to shift to an entrepreneurial mode in light of upcoming product launches. B2B Value Group supported the decision-making process by assessing the readiness from a capability perspective and developing operating model scenarios including detailed role profiles. Once the client decided on the model, B2B Value Group supported the development of the transformation plan, designed a foundational event to create positive momentum, and conducted coaching and training interventions to foster the desired people behaviors and skills.

B2B Value Group provides hands-on support at organizational, team, and individual levels along key dimensions of value creation with strategic customers.


Strategy Making

Cultivating business insight and translating it into actionable strategy.


Operational Alignment

Optimizing cross-functional activity through a systems perspective.


Customer Engagement

Building and managing a collaborative, network approach across the value chain.


Developing Capabilities

Equipping the firm with skills, knowledge and routines that drive value creation.


Driving Behavioral Change

Implementing and embedding new practices that drive growth.